GALLERY    I:  Black & White images from Japan.

GALLERY    II:  Color images from Japan.

GALLERY    III:  Black & White, and color, images from India & China.

NEWS: One of my photographs is now featured in the Birmingham Museum of Art.  A variation of the photograph immediately below is now the feature, “brand,” photograph for the Birmingham Museum of Art’s “Mediation Station.”  A rather sizable enlargement of this photo is exhibited at the BMA’s Japan Gallery as the centerpiece for the Meditation Station.  I took this photo several years ago at Kurodani Temple in the Okazaki Ward of Kyoto, one of my favorite, off-the-beaten-trail, temples in Kyoto.

Kurodani Temple. Kyoto. 2005.


End of 2010

I added additional images to the galleries last summer. I was one of the exhibiting artists at Birmingham ArtWalk last September (2010).  Also in September, the prominent online science fiction literary magazine, Redstone Science Fiction, used one of my photographs — taken in Kyoto Station in November 2009 — as its September Issue Cover Photo:

First Half of 2011

Once again Redstone Science Fiction tapped me for a cover photo, this time one from and of Tokyo (from May 2010) made the April 2011 cover of Redstone Science Fiction:

In May I anticipate announcing the use of one of my photos from India as poster art by a prestigious American design institute.  Please check back for that.

Some Background

I first live in Japan in 1984, then again in 1990-91.  Since 1999 I’ve been back Japan on and for various types of business ventures well over 20 times . . . and I try to keep a camera handy between meetings, appointments and the like.  Since 2005 I’ve traveled to both India and China 4 times each.  In late May 2010, I returned to return to Japan (having previously visited about 6 months before), as a guide for a local-university MBA study abroad trip.  I assisted the class’s professor design an itinerary, made sure we navigated successfully from place to place, all as part of providing the students with a brief-but-intensive introduction to Japan’s business culture, as well as to her society, history, arts, cuisine, and the like.  All in all I believe it was a successful trip.

In my other life I’m an attorney based in Birmingham, Alabama.

Waiting. Tokyo 2010.


Waiting 2. Kiyamachi Ramen, Kyoto. May 2010.


Crossing Shirakawa. Kyoto. May 2010.