Heian Jingu. Noh. 2003.


Kyoto Station. Interior 1.0. 2009.


Kyoto. Shinkansen Side. 2003.


Kyoto. 2009.


Tsukiji Fish Market. 2009.



2 Responses to “GALLERY II”

  1. Steve Smith said

    Enjoyed the pictures very much. I have to say the picture of Kyoto Station is very intriguing. Cant wait to see your new pictures from your trip that is coming up. I would be interested to see more landscape shots, if the moments present themselves.

    Best wishes and Good Times
    Steve Smith

    • photohai said


      Thanks for visiting! Re Kyoto Station. When I first went in ’84, then again in ’90 and ’91, it was a hulking thing with — as I remember — a dingy, darkish interior of industrial green. Now it’s a veritable sculpture. An airy, light thing of beauty.

      Will look to that — per your request — of more landscapy kinds of things. Definitely. You know, though, so much of that is on all those travel posters and Discovery Channel shows and all and I really have focused on getting *intimate* with Japan, to show people what they *don’t* normally see in the posters and tv shows and all. But you’re right to point me in that direction to make my portfolio more complete.

      All the best,


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